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3 simple self defence moves you must know

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Adlois Hiller says:

Ja immer in die fresse rein!

Lee Cooper says:

Iv used throat strike a few times…the last guy was 6"2 17 stone skinny and 12 stone it knocked him out for 3 to 5 mins…he was a nown rapist who threatened a woman in a pub garden in Worcester UK…police thanked me..!!! I'm not a fighter either!!!

Bob Miller says:

Great tips!! In my opinion though causing someone who has just attacked me some extended pain and healing time just my save someone else!!

zackdoc says:

This is NOT Aikido. Why lie about it?

CJ Walters says:

If you hit him it's a hate crime like Jussie Smollett.

Kenny Dyas says:

The first maneuver was the most effective one to me

Talk And Stuff says:

Lol at all you cucks that allowed your government to strip YOU of your right to self defense. Worrying over what the bad guy fells, or what level of force YOU need to apply as he gives none of the same care in robbing and raping you. USA USA USA !! My 4 lbs of trigger pull beats your 30 years of martial arts training, every-time, ALL the time.

Dirk Smith says:

Non of this is good… But anything will. Work on unskilled idiots. Against a hard man experienced in many street fights… It will just annoy him as he moves in to rip u apart… People dont feel things like pinches etc when adrenaline has kicked in

Chris O Neill says:

Stop kicking or hitting guys in the "wee eggs area" FS!!! Fight or flight!!!! Don't be a low life scum bag!!!!

BnK HiGh says:

I’ll do what my mom does to me just throw the chancla at them or hit them with the chancla

Andreas Kunze says:

Wer denkt das sei gut ? …. bitte ! ^^

Gary Barrett says:

used the arm pinch on myself, rather easy, it hurt like hell!

Lee Fisher says:

Once in a pool hall as a teen a larger guy swung a pool cue at me, I went down on one knee blocked the cue with one arm and grabbed family jewels with the other pulling them down as hard as I could – he passed out – I walked around him for at least 5 minutes, worrying if he was going to wake up! I had just learned that the week before. It worked!

akkadian george says:

as a judo master age of 50 and massive gain weight. 350 pounds 5 foot 9. before attacker comes to yiu bull rush him put apponent kn the ground with head lock. then use hammer pumcj on chest and hesd. job done go home to yiur family. no such thing in fair fight in self defense.

Christopher Amador says:

Hitting the trachea with 3-5 psi shatters it, so you kill them. Intercostal space above the heart stops the heart, as does hitting in the hollow of the shoulder downwards towards the lungs. It closes the bronchial tubes to the lungs. Try teaching a sucker punch in the gut or breaking the knee, less time in jail. Squeezing nuts will kill them too. Pinching the arm does nothing considering adrenaline. Below or above the trachea, the eyes, metatarsal, or the knee.

Jess Connelly says:

Do you mix this with the other channel and hypnotize someone instantly too

Ivan Chiappe says:

i believe if you are really fast enough with enough practice you could possibly hit one of those punches wich dodged and smacks, but in reality, you gotta be truly fast and most people its not.

TonyTony Casada says:

Your trying to do these stupid wing chun tekniques that have no bearing today.

TonyTony Casada says:

3 moves bullshit, wait till that big man takes you to the ground, you dont have a chance

TonyTony Casada says:

Phoney martial arts

TonyTony Casada says:

Tat big man would take you down in a blessing. BS

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