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FEIYABDF Smart Personal Alarm for Women, APP/Bluetooth (BBguarder). That Have Location/Recording Function, 120dB Self-Defense for Women、Elderly and Child. (Pink)

With “PaPa”, when you are in dilemma, you will no longer only have desperate screams.

Intelligent technology company focusing on personal safety.

The original intention of the product : We can get help in time to help children,women and elder stay away from dangerous.

Smart Alarm for Your Children: Children go home from school or go out alone. This personal alarm will be good for him.
Smart Alarm for Women: When the women walk alone on the night road or night running, this personal alarm can scare the satyr in an emergency and seek for help.
Smart Alarm for Elder: The olds are more fragile and they can use this device to get the attention of others when he falls.Then they can get the help immediately.

Product Features:
1. 30 seconds of recording information will be sent to the pre-set emergency contact, and the recording can also be handed over to the police as evidence.
2. Your location tracking will be sent to the pre-set emergency contact immediately. Your friend or police will find you.
3.120 decibels of alarm sound can make a loud sound to attract the attention of others, which can effectively scare off dangerous attackers and get the help.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully and make sure all function are turned on.

Of course, I hope that you will never have a chance to use it.

Product Features

  • 【1.Exclusive App】 :The smart alarm can be connected to the “BBguarder APP”via Bluetooth. “BBguarder APP” have High-decibel alarm Function,Quiet alarm function,Timing protection funtion,Anti-lost and two-way search function, Location tracking function and Recording function.
  • 【2. Location Tracking Function】: Pull out the ring or continuously press the button twice, “BBguarder APP” will immediately send your location track to the pre-setting emergency contact .Your friend or police will know where you are and find you.
  • 【3. Recording Function】: Pull out the ring or continuously press the button twice, “BBguarder APP” will send 30 second recording information to the pre-setting emergency contact. Your friend or police will know what happened to you and then the recording can be as evidence.
  • 【4. Quiet Alarm】: If you are in a dangerous situation, but don’t want to irritate the bad guys. You can Double-click the function button, the alarm will not make a harsh sound, but “BBguarder” will immediately send your location and recording to your emergency contact as a text message. Your friend will can find a way to help you.
  • 【5. Note】:This smart personal alarm can protect your safety and protect your love.


Anonymous says:

If You Use A Smartphone It Is Great But For Those That Don’t It Is A Bit Confusing A very innovative device with some interesting technology, the pull pin function has been around for several years but the Bluetooth functions are new, especially the part where it will send friends/family a message and a recording of about 30 seconds of audio you can let anyone know what is happening. I read through the instructions and still had some questions since the software was not as easy to use as it was made to be and I was still not sure how you turn it off once you activate it if…

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:

Dissapointing Great idea but not quite there yet.Noise level pathetic, would not alert anything.Could not get it to sync.Would not complete my profile and thereby alert my selected contacts.When I contacted the company they sent a link to new software; it does complete the contact (one contact only) but there is only one contact.I think this is a great idea and I hand it to them for all they have done. I think they need to do some work on the software before the product is…

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