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Women Take A Self-Defense Class • Ladylike

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Rachael Little says:

I felt like if I wasn't smarter than I am I could have been attacked today cuz I pulled into a spot at work 2 or 3 down from some random guy (probably an illegal) didn't think anything of it until I realized he was watching me while I changed into my work shirt he was like not so subtly watching me he was messing around in the backseat of his car for the longest time & after I got everything changed I was like ya okay no not gonna happen I'm not gonna end up being raped kidnapped or assaulted I should have left the parking lot & then come in through the side entrance but I didn't think of that caused me to have to take up what could have potentially been a customer's parking space

Lindzi Tigeress says:


Dulce Mercado says:

I'll still knock all them out

plymouthjimin says:

But shouldn't this training against sexual assault also be for men? Or really any other genders? Because women aren't the only ones who get sexually assaulted.

Kalyn Williams says:

" I felt kind of like a water bender. "

Habiba Alishinawi says:

Being a woman is scary and hard 😞 boys don't respect u 😞😔

Bernice Bodemeh says:

This is so helpful yet funny

Baylee Joyce says:

Jens face in the beginning 1:20

Meg Mon says:

Omg saf just referenced avatar! She's amazing!

ilovesea 04 says:

Omg when saf had long hair

Rainbow 05 says:

did they say PUG OFF ?😕😕

Chia Huey Ng says:

I admire that man.

shauna1636 says:

I see a lot of comments saying "well an average woman couldn't subdue the average man". Even if that might be true for a lot of women, having these skills may give you more time and that is valuable. Whether it be time to sufficiently scream, run, or disable your attacker, all are worth it. Because it only takes a few seconds to save a life.

Kyoko Sakura says:

Also , Jen is really cute.

Kyoko Sakura says:

Honestly, I'd probably just carry around a knife.

JableIsAmazing says:

Martial arts are awesome. I'm an orange belt in Krav Maga and I'm getting my green belt in March or April. I have learned so much and I think everyone should learn self defence.

Sam Brown says:

did you just assume the attackers gender 0:55

rice bowl says:

my dad made me and my two siblings get self defense training when I was a teenager…watching this made me miss all that it was a lot of fun. they would ask us to fight the strongest guys and girls to learn.

Rose Diamond says:

I took a class just like this!

Rachel does things DeGhetto says:

Or or you could carry a taser and pepper spray

Princess of Awesomeness says:

I take tae kwon do and I am a black belt. 7 years in the making =)

Lumiinescence says:

The average of a man being raped is 3%.

CanadaMMA says:

Everyone should learn some basic self defence. Man, woman, EVERYONE

Princess Ria says:

When Saf's hair length changes from the beginning

Sofia Dehlic says:

saf's hair 👌🏻

Chloe Bjork says:

I'm a black belt in karate, and I know the importance of girls being able to defend themselves! I recommend a self defense class for any girls or women…..especially those preparing for college.

Mathias “Neko” Køhler says:

Jen is so pretty

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