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Ethiopia: ራሰን የመከላከያ ጥበብ Self Defense Everyone Should know By Ethiopia Master

ራስን የመከላከያ ጥበብ ትምህርት Self-Defense techniques to Against common attacks these self-defense techniques are very important for everyone and everyone should know them


60second tiktok says:

lejo eko ayero gefawe

Abdurhman Alhamdu says:

super master

dani best says:

hahaha it is so funny and useful

Jesus A says:

መለማመድ ይቻላል

esayas fasil says:

it is very important work

Kedir Negash says:

It is very important self-defense techniques to Win Street fighter

Gift Bediru says:

Arefi Ena yemberetata sera naw

ሀበሻ ዶክተር Ethio Doctor says:

Great self-defense techniques

መክሊት 21 says:

እረ ልጅን ካሁን ካሁን አገጩን አልከው እካልኩ ስመለከት 😂

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