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Dark Side of Self Defense Business • Ft. Bruno Orozco

Self defense can be a good business, yet with money involved a lot of things can be forgotten. What is important to think about when choosing a self defense school? Bruno Orozco a self defense expert, Aikido black belt shares his opinion.

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Martial Arts Journey says:

What do you think about this side of self defense business?
If you want to hear the full talk check the podcast:—Truth-About-Self-Defense—Ft–Bruno-Orozco-e1ofbh

Light Armanov says:

I wish this was a decent excuse for all that time i spend hacking and not picking up a martial art

Kobies Boxing says:

All the martial arts training in the world might not help if you're walking down the street with your head down, and focused on your cellphone.

Wolfram Schattenjäger says:

There is no such thing as self defence, by the time you feel the need to defend yourself, you have already lost – huang fei hung (1837 – 1902)

Defecio Stoglin says:

Very true points

richcapo says:

All you need are white belt BJJ skills and you’re good to go against any threat in real life. I know this because somebody said so.

baragon _ says:

0:08 oof why did you put that bullshido in the video

Suburban Slingshots says:

0:23 that dropkick into the car window

Wagner Zoccoli says:

When I say Bruno is the real deal, that's what I'm talking about!

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