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Airsoft for home defense?! Plastic bb’s vs foe #shorts


Fearjames says:

I will be taking suggestions from there more!!

Prince Lenard T. Malate says:

Why not just Use Metal BB?

Simplifiez says:

I normally sleep with a big jar of pig blood and a bb rpg so if i get robbed i dunk the blood over me and scream while running at the thief with the rpg works everytine 15/10

This was a joke if you didnt realise

Omba says:

I mean
The airsoft grenade launcher probably could be made into a proper grenade launcher

MoonKnight says:

Me: get out
Robber: no
"Boss music plays"
Robber: o shit
Me: "holding to m32 grenade launchers and an rpg7 between my buttcheeks

two2dee says:

I mean If you wanted to scare them and potentially cause a little pain use taginn grenades either the thrown ones or from a gas powered grenade launcher. They actually detonate with a loud bang and if you direct impact they can cause some damage to exposed skin and plus they are fully legal to own in a lot of places!

Axel Trevino says:

I know a better way pulling down my pants

italia unita Matteo tassi says:

But the metal bb's

Sydney Mattingly says:

A handgun only capable of firing blanks is a good alternative to a real firearm, as they will think you shot and missed and panic, if you aren't able to own an actual firearm for whatever reason. I was too young to own an actual handgun when I used this tactic. Mine was a full auto "AR-15".

vorelord Jr says:

I want to bet shoot yourself in the pee pee with it and find out how much that hurts fruit someone in the balls with one that shoots a dozen or more BBs with a shotgun shell they're going to be crying

overdrive says:

If u muzzle dumped them maybe

Harmonika Hanz says:

Scaring won't work I'll say that, at that point just get a gun…for 200$ going though the legal process you can get something that actually can defend you

And unless you are a felon, there's no reason not to get one

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