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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Mind Warehouse ► 1. Self-defence Rings Streetwise™ Sting Ring Rechargeable Stun Gun 18M 2. HERO 3. Pocket knife (Preview) 4. SABRE 3-in-1 Stun Gun 5. Kensally Xfunjoy 6. BlingSting 7. Gremlin Push Dagger 8. Mini Keyring Fold Blade (Preview) 9. S&W Pepper Spray Fountain Pen 00:00 – Self-defence Rings 01:45 – HERO 02:57 – POCKET KNIFE 03:40 – SABRE 3-IN-1 STUN GUN 05:06 – KENSALLY XFUNJOY 05:41 – BLINGSTING 06:40 – GREMLIN PUSH DAGGER 07:42 – MINI KEYRING FOLD BLADE (preview) 08:35 – S&W PEPPER SPRAY FOUNTAIN PEN



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NZ Toy Reviews says:

These are cool! Awesome list 😎👍✨

Bling says:

Those mini gadgets are awesome and would be helpful to use

Noah PlayZ says:

You guys are so cool yo

Unicorn Turtle says:

My money will well spent

J Brunch says:

I'm pretty sure that the Kensally "cane" would be classified as a retractable baton and is highly illegal in the United States. There may be some loophole for on stage use as a magic prop, but if you ever hit someone with it and the cops show up, you'll be getting a concealed weapons charge at the very minimum.

Tech Collective says:

Hoping for whoever that reads this will become successful! That pepper spray pen is no joke..

Ur Daily Muffin says:

“ and can even cut through a ca?” What did he say? Cat or cap

diogenes koolaid says:

thought the xfunjoy spring thing looked interesting. looked it up…..based on reviews it looks like a bad combination of razor wire and spring steel. almost guaranteed to malfunction and if not, cut the SH!T out of your hands trying to close it without gloves.

angela Mangum says:

You haven't shown the first ring

squad cast says:

All of this is illegal in the UK bar the alarm 🤣

Andrew Bergemann says:

Ty, my grandma loves her gremlin push dagger

witok says:

I personally prefer good ol' bayonet


the entire first item wasnt there smh

Masked One 1316 says:

If you wanna learn actual self defence go out and learn it from a professional trying to use these will most likely get you killed best self defence tip if you can RUN if not buy your way out of it last thing you want to do is fight back especially if you’re not trained to but to stop yourself from becoming a victim is to TAKE YOUR EARPHONES OUT YOUR HEADPHONES OFF AND GET OFF YOUR PHONE YOU IGNORANT SHIT! Because sitting watching these videos believing they’ll save you is stupid they won’t if you don’t have the KNOWLEDGE and TRAINING you can’t probably defend yourself yes you might get lucky but it’ll run out.

Deano says:

Anyone else have a ring that stings, see a doctor.

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