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Instant Karma Fails – Road Rage – Self Defense – Bully Fails – Instant Justice

My channel has like karma Fails , Instant Karma , Instant Justice videos , Bully Fails , Funny Fails And All Funny Videos.
Instant karma videos: Compilation all instant karma , instant justice, bully fails, karma fails and more funny videos. I hope this make you feel relaxed.
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Serhat Tonbul says:

Why are motorcyclists so agro?

Isaiah Garcia says:

then the sandniger is whipping the horse he deserved to get fucking stomped by the horse the horse shoukd kill that isis fuck

Isaiah Garcia says:

faget bmw drivers drive American you traitor fucks

Isaiah Garcia says:

what was that fucking stupid cocksucking gook doing trying to jump on that guy with the scooter??? i swear to god gooks are the stupidiest motherfuckers on the planet no wonder we nuked those rat eating pussys

Where Da Gold At!? says:

Did I just watch someone die?

jason thaxton says:

AT 1:02, that's awesome Allah took good care of him

guy tremblay says:

9:22 what was going on with that guy ? he came in a weight watchers restaurant and made a complaint about the food being to fat for all those people already fat ?

guy tremblay says:

7:02 Never rely on the guy in front of you to know if the light is green or not cause it may turn against you to

guy tremblay says:

0:48 its garanteed that his neck was broken

Banana Dude says:

1:47 no we didn't you point the camera to see what he was saying

Ed Williams says:

This is all very VERY old stuff. Total waste of time.

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