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Armed Burglars Caught on Doorbell Cam | Active Self Protection

Thankfully no one was home when these armed burglars broke down this home’s door. But these guys definitely show us some significant lessons for home protection!

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Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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Kyle Howard says:

I use a secret knock for the ones that knows me best. When I show up unexpected, and stuff. The knock has to be original. Something that say "you." Then all it takes is reputation. It will give people that trust, and that little bit extra insurance. Knowing it's just you at the door, and not some stranger trying to kill them.

Oink ards says:

A castle is now a man's fortress.
Abandon all hope ye who trespass his lawn. Also kicking down a door or window is now a death sentence, with 1 way direct shockwave that will shatter a criminals organs and leave them dead instantly.
Humane and cost effective, if used correctly we will replace your damaged property for free. Humane the monkey entering and also a peace of mind.
We also make acid traps, place them where burglars will most likely take things, and they will be met with a very corrosive liquid capable of causing Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Leukemia as well as permanent if not fatal injury.
Have trespassers in the basement?
No worries, with our lock system you can turn ANY basement into a live CO2 Gas chamber.

Mike M says:

3 men, two with guns, and we are limited to 10 rounds in our guns. California wants our criminals to be safe at work.

Soo Jadzoh says:

Kevin MacCallister hiding like a little bitch when these guys broke in

jesusknight72 says:

That's why we need AR-15s Joe Biden.

Nick b says:

but…but california is a no gun did the bad guys get guns?

this is why banning firearms does no good.

65elcamino283 says:

i'd bet these guys work at one of the local ski resorts every winter. pretty much the only jobs up there, and they look the type. burglarizing is their summer job. send this to the resorts and find the perps (insert law and order sound here)

Junior Bullock says:

It's definitely my castle when I pour boiling oil on the fuckers!

Alittlebitnuts2day says:

This is why I have a shot gun

Kobies Boxing says:

Even when you're at home you're not 100 percent safe which means you still got to watch your back.

LC AF says:

I’d love to see you do an analyses of North Korea’s real threat considering our offensive and defense capabilities, from your background in the Navy and obvious talent for assessing many different situations!!!

Scott West says:

Would of loved to see owner with shotgun blast to the first guys face.

Papakap22 says:

these 3 cocksuckers deserve execution

crusaderI969 says:

How long were they in there?

jibba02 says:

One walking out with a keg!

J Falcon says:

One perk is wearing in the John’s beard!

Mr. Anderson says:

FAKE! Criminals cant get guns in Cali because the laws stop them! Thats how it works right?

Jack o says:

shoot em dead.

travisti says:

White people taking jobs from blacks, smh…😒 **so sarcastic**. No racist comments on this video either.

D. LaPlante says:

you'd brake your foot trying to kick my door in.

Aka Rasta says:


ROCK USA says:

Those thugs know who lives there and knows the dog. They knew exactly what they wanted.

BestFilmScenesINC says:

Are security gates tacky? I grew up in a rough neighborhood and all the houses had security doors and bars on basement windows. I've seen some that look pretty fancy now instead of black bars. Thinking about adding those to my home but then don't want to hear neighbors complain about bringing down the community or some crap.

Jorge Heredia says:

My 45 and 47 ready at anytime 😀

Fatal Pelican says:

If you have neon green shades, you better also have that extendo clip to match.

luis ferguson says:

Three scumbags.

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